A Red Light For Scofflaws Summary

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Americans in our world today believe that “ minor” laws do not mean anything, but it is the “minor” laws that lead you to be a real criminal or lawbreaker. Frank Trippett argues in his passage, A Red Light for Scofflaws, that scofflaws should be stopped and be shown that a minor law is just as important as a violent crime. The author supports his argument by giving reasoning why people would think minor laws are not a huge deal. The author’s purpose is to show the reader that any laws against littering, speeding, or noise pollution should be serious and not treated by scofflaws. The author creates an objective tone for the people who are interested in any law-and-order. Frank’s argument states that people have the wrong idea about a minor law and go against it, but they should act as if it is a violent or serious crime.…show more content…
An example of disagreeing with the author would be that people are not wealthy enough to afford tickets or tax codes so they would not care and try to sneak past it. This world has many poor citizens and they would do a lot just to try and get food or they do not have to time to think about the law when they have to worry about where are they going to sleep the next day. Many ways they can avoid this is by learning from thier mistakes. if someone gets caught littering or speeding then they give that person a small ticket so you will not do it again and you will not become a criminal.This example shows that they will teach you to be a better person by giving them a minor law .Many other ways to see what scofflaws are doing wrong can be as simple as being lazy or being in a rush. This argument can extend to many different ways people can improve their social
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