A Reflection Of A Acknowledgement In A Research Project

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Acknowledgement It is indeed a great pleasure to express my thanks and gratitude to all those who helped me. No serious and lasting achievement or success one can ever achieve without the help of friendly guidance and co-operation of so many people involved in the work. I am very thankful to my guide Prof. Bhoomi M. Bangoria, the person who makes me to follow the right steps during a research project. I express my deep sense of gratitude to for his guidance, suggestions and expertise at every stage. Apart from that his valuable and expertise suggestion during documentation of my report indeed help me a lot. Thanks to my friend and colleague A source of inspiration and motivation that helped to me during my research work. I would heartily thankful to head of our department Prof. Hemant H. Patel to give me an opportunity to work over this project and for their end-less and great support. And to all other people who directly or indirectly supported and help me to fulfill my task. And at last but not least, I would be grateful towards my parents and friends who had supported a lot and provided inspiration and motivation to go ahead in this project. Ms. Pandya Anjali D. (140833116013) Ms. Zala Brindaba D. (140833116019) Ms. Dave Shivani A. (140833116001) VI Abstract We are the final year students of Dr. Subhash Technical Campus affiliated to GTU and as per the syllabus as well as the area of interest we are developing a web application named “handicraft exports” based on php.

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