Judge Spends Night In Jail With Former Soldier

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Compassion is essential if one is to volunteer. And volunteering isn’t always planned. I encourage my readers to locate on You-tube or other venue, this particular story. It is difficult for me to convey in my own words, the lessons one can glean from this compassionate account. The story is centered on a veteran who walks through PTSD, also breaks the law, and how the Judge addresses it. I have opted to include this account in this part of the book rather that in Chapter Three: “Dealing WITH PTSD”. Since it is covered by many news outlets, and it’s in the public domain, it should be easy to locate and viewed by video on the internet. Judge Spends Night In Jail With Former Soldier A judge in North Carolina made an unprecedented gesture of compassion when he decided to spend the night in jail with a veteran of the war in Afghanistan who was suffering from PTSD.…show more content…
"I gave Joe a night in jail because he had to be held accountable," Olivera told CBS News.xt Up • 80p "When I walked into the jail cell and they closed the door behind me, I started feeling this anxiety," he said. "It came back – a flashback." Serna is a retired Army Sargent First Class who did three tours in Afghanistan. He had a lot of harrowing experiences, but he says the worst came when a truck he and some fellow soldiers were riding in fell into a creek. "We were following the creek and the road gave way," he told CBS News. "And the vehicle went into the creek." Serna was the accident 's only survivor. "I lost my whole crew," he said in an interview with People. "They were in the water with me. That tore me up. I couldn 't escape that truck. I stayed there until somebody saved
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