A Reflection Of Speech: Strengths Of A Speech

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1. Strengths a. My introduction was strong and organized in my speech, I thought I had many supporting details for my body, and my conclusion was well written. b. My gestures during my POV speech were relatively strong. I also had a decent amount of eye contact for only practicing a minimal amount of times. c. I practiced my speech a couple times, really getting used to the delivery of it and citing my sources in it. I read through it many times to ensure I knew what I was saying. 2. Weaknesses a. I could have reduced my final statement length a little bit, it was very lengthy and not to the point. I also could have tied my common ground into the speech a little more. b. My energy for the speech was definitely not the best. I should have had…show more content…
I did not end up practicing in front of my parents or sister because I ran out of time. This made it harder to present it in front of a small group of people because I did not have as much confidence. I did practice my speech multiple times to make sure I was prepared. I did not end up putting a reminder in my notecards to look up at the audience because I did not want to end up sacrificing one of my words. Goal #3: 1. One subjective goal I have is to use different gestures when I am presenting my speech. 2. My steps: a. I will watch my speeches from last year, and see what different gestures I used to give me ideas on what to do for my future speeches. b. I will observe my classmates, and learn from them on what gestures to/to not do. c. I will practice my speech many times to ensure that I will not just hold and read my flashcards, and instead engage with my audience with good body language. 3. I did not end up watching my speeches from last year to help me with my gestures because I remembered a lot of the ones I did. I did not have the chance to observe my classmates before they presented this speech, but I watched them as they were doing it and gained insight on some different good gestures. I practiced my speech multiple times to become more comfortable with it, and this helped me use more gestures as I was talking. Goal #4 1. One subjective goal I have is to speak loudly and clearly in front of my

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