A Reflection Of Student Clarity And Students Obsergement In My Experience

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On October 8, 2015 I went to a prominent Primary School to conduct my one day observation while during the week beginning October 26, 2015 I went to a prominent High School for my one week practicum experience. The buildings at the Primary School were arranged in a quadrangular form and had two storeys blocks. Also, the school grounds and classroom that I went to observed were very clean. However, at the High School where I went for the one week experience all the buildings were ground floor and the surroundings was not as clean as the Primary School. This essay seeks to compare lesson clarity and students engagement in both experiences. During my role as an observer on the one day observation it was evident where the lesson taught was clear to me and to the students as well. This was seen where teacher used examples to stimulate the students’ prior knowledge and help recall facts about the concept of Measurements. Even though, I did not saw a copy of the lesson plan or any objectives I understood the topic and objectives being taught. During my role as a teacher the clarity of the lesson was clear to students as they were engaged and asked important questions base on the content of the lesson. Similarly, I taught from simply to complex, since a lesson plan was created and the objectives followed a step by step approach. Also, the children were made to recall facts before they were asked to perform any task. Ausubel (1972) stated that teaching from simple to complex help

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