A Reflection On Leadership And Change Management

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The “leadership and change management” course was one of the best course that I have taken since I started this program, not only I have learned a lot throughout the eight-week classes, but because it helped me to think in a different way as a leader. Sometimes as leaders, we can be caught up in this “tunnel vision” of viewing things.

As I wrote in my first journal about the difference between a leader and a manager, “I strongly believe that as a leader we must be able to perform both roles that are being a leader and manager at the same time. We must know when we can and when we can be the other. In the end, it is our responsibility to get better in our skills as leaders.” Leaders must change and adapt to many different challenges in their careers and our lives. I believe this course made me rethink a lot about my leadership style. In a way that gave me a different view as of how I viewed things before.

This management class gave me many tools to sharpen my skill as a leader in and out of my organization. With that, I really like the iceberg graph, personality, and character (principles, values and vision/mission). I’ve learned something new about management the first day of class. And the difference between a boss and a leader. I believe that in many places of work, the word boss has been replaced by supervisor. Still, a leader is an act of commitment and the tyrant is “someone who makes you follow them.”

In the same way, the ten critical characteristics of

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