A Reflection On Science

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Situated in Athens is the world’s most renowned library ‘i Filosofikí Ouranó’ (the Philosophical Heaven). Strangely, its employees have often complained that after midnight they can hear noises coming from the library as if several people are talking at once. It was believed that the library is haunted and that belief was proven right when some night-vision cameras were installed there. The videos recorded showed souls of several deceased philosophers roaming in the library, reading books, discussing about ultimate reality, and whatnot. One particular scene recorded was when Immanuel Kant approached Galileo Galilei for a discussion. Galileo: Good evening, Immanuel! It was a fine day today in the library, wasn’t it? Kant: Indeed, my friend, Galileo. G: I must ask, what brings you to this section of the library? K: I have been looking for you for quite some time. G: May I inquire why? K: You see, I’ve been pondering over many things and I’m rather interested in knowing your views on science? G: Well, science is nothing but the mathematical deduction and study of objects that exist in the physical world. All bodies, in the universe, under all circumstances are controlled by a single set of mathematical laws and this human knowledge about the nature of things is available to anyone through empirical observation and more importantly, mathematical reasoning. K: Hmm… interesting. Well, I believe that the humans came, onto this earth, provided with some innate organizing principles

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