A Reflection On The Doctor Of Business Administration

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The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program will, in fact, be a new experience from the learning point of view. The practical part of the program will be helpful where I get an opportunity to implement all the information obtained throughout the discussions, research, and self-studies. To agree to doctoral studies, I must be self-managed, motivated, and extremely disciplined because I’m held ultimately responsible for my accomplishment. This reflection assignment exercise proves to be the catalyst for my future college endeavors. The assignment to reflect on the DBA program dreams of taking steps towards realizing those ideas and course accomplishments right now. Due to time some course assignments, I will embrace, and others will become challenging. Therefore, I have confidence that the DBA program will be invaluable in helping me achieve my objectives. The plan would enable me to channel my quantitative and conceptual skills in analysis of business issues and open new avenues. Consequently, within the DBA program, I see myself going places and will confront new mountains to ascend along the way. It’s also, helpful to know where my interests align with other students to understand issues that keep researchers up at night. Moreover, I want to walk away weekly with a wealth of information, but I also want to build support in every way. For example, I will have thousands of questions as a DBA student about how to develop my writing skills, conduct meaningful

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