A Reflection On The Importance Of Critical Thinking

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After all that we have learned from the textbook in this course. I have been reflecting back on the many diverse topics of critical thinking, when I have used it, and the lack of not using these skills caused me many problems. I really appreciate what I have learned about arguments and discussions, reasoning, evidence and delivery. Recently my parents and I had a discussion with my 81yr. old grandma who lives with us. She can still drive but has type 2 diabetes and heart disease. She is on medication to control both, but often leaves the house without taking her cell phone with her. She also fails to keep her glucose tablets and nitroglycerin pills in her purse in case of emergency. We spoke to her explaining that not having these pills with her could be life threatening and not having her cell phone would prevent her from calling for help. If her car broke down or had a flat tire, She could not even call her road service forcing her to have to walk to find a way to call for help. She said OK but continued to do the same behavior. When we would continue to remind her she would get very upset saying she has taken care of herself all of her adult life and that she did not appreciate us trying to control her. Her reasoning was that nothing has happened so far and she wanted us to stop going over and over this with her. She would not listen to reason. Then, one day she went out to go shopping and did not come home. We were frantic she did
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