A Registered Nurse

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Introduction: Registered nurses (RN) play a very important role in the medical field. They do a lot of the charting for the doctors. Being a nurse is not a simple task you have to be able to take orders and make sure that they are done in a very quick and clean way. Something that a lot of people don’t know is that registered nurses can get treated very badly sometimes. If we didn’t have nurses as good as our RN’s then the doctors would have do a lot more work. Don’t get me wrong, being a RN is hard and it’s hard work to get there. The schooling it takes to get there is very difficult but when you’re done it’s so worth it. In my opinion RN’s don’t make as much as they should for all the work that they do. I want to be a RN because I love…show more content…
A nurse’s expected everyday duties are, making sure the patients are always taken care of, taking orders from doctors so that the doctor can go on to the next patient, they also can work in one specific department helping only one patient at a time. The best part of my day would be seeing the smile on a patient’s face because they are so happy that they finally get to go home. Another great part of my day would be when the patient is starting to finally get out of the woods and start the road to recovery. The worst part of my day would have to be when a patient that I was very close to passes…show more content…
Some characteristics that will help you in the long run are being friendly to the patients, being happy all of the time, act like you care about the patient that you are treating, and most importantly be at your best when you are treating your patients because they don’t need your bad attitude to go along with all of the problems that they are going through. You need to be able to set aside whatever is going on outside of your workplace and focus on the people’s lives that could be hurt by you not paying attention to them because you’re distracted about something outside of your workplace. For me I am a very happy person, I love helping people because it makes me feel like I am making a difference in someone 's life. I am also a very positive person, even when I am feeling down about something I can set that aside and take care of my patient because at the end of the day what matters to me is the smile that they have on their face when I leave for the day. Some personality characteristics that I possess are I am a nice person, I love helping people, I am very loving, and last but not least I am very adamant about making other people’s needs are met before mine. I personally think that these characteristics will help me in the long run because I figure if I can be loving, kind, and helpful around the clock then I can truthfully

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