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Abrahamic Covenant God gave mankind seven covenants throughout history showing us His love and Grace, desiring for us to love and obey Him with all of our hearts and souls. Although many times mankind did not hold up their end of the covenants, God, covering us in grace, created new covenants with us. A reoccurring promise in God 's Covenants, beginning with the Adamic covenant through the New Covenant is the promise of the Messiah, Jesus. In the Abrahamic Covenant, God promises Abraham He will make his name great, make his descendants numerous, and make Abraham the father of a multitude of nations. Similar to the Abrahamic Covenant, the Davidic Covenant also promises a king will come through his line, both men promised the Messiah will…show more content…
Abrahams obedience was a significant factor of the covenant, pointing to three key acts of obedience and faith in God. Abraham left the land he lived in with his family when God told him to as the first act of obedience. His second act of obedience and faith was when Abraham was in his elderly years, with no children, and believed it was not possible for him to have a direct heir, but he maintained faith that God would fulfill His promise to Abraham. Lastly, Abraham remained faithful to God when God told him to sacrifice his only son Isaac, remaining in the faith that God promised to make his seed numerous through direct descendants of Abraham, so he was willing to obey God, who then stopped him and said because of His faith he would be blessed greatly. Abram became Abraham because God made him the father of many nations as well as promising kings would come from his…show more content…
The first instance of this was when Cain killed Abel because "Abel was no longer alive" and "Cain was no longer qualified" and then God allowed Eve to give birth to a third child Seth (The Promised Seed, n.d.). Generations pass, and God has to wipe out the world with the flood, sparing Noah again with mankind not yet ready for the "seed" in Genesis 6. By the time we get to Genesis 12, God again promises to preserve the "seed" in the covenant made with Abraham, but although Abraham was obedient and faithful to God, he too made mistakes leading to the extended amounts of time passing between the covenant and Abraham 's son 's birth. However, Abraham was so faithful to God, believing in His promise in the covenant, that he was willing to sacrifice his only son who he had waited so long for. God told Abraham because of his great faith the world would be blessed through his

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