A Response To Alex Sawyer's Choices

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In todays society our mistakes define who we are. With so much pressure and stress to succeed in life we often forget the simplistic things, such as integrity and good ethics. Alex Sawyer seems to forget about actions and outcomes and ends up paying the biggest price for a job gone wrong, his freedom. In this journal I will be relating three songs of my choice to Alex’s choices in the book. Alex Sawyer is a one time bully, part time burglar and full time loser. He lived an average life until he became obsessed with the fact that, there’s money out there that he could take. With his friends at his side he quickly made a name for himself on the playground by torturing kids and taking their lunch money. However its not all about the money as Jessie J says in her song Price Tag. I think this song uniquely relates to Alex Sawyers situation. In the song Jessie sings, “ When the sale comes first and the truth comes second” while in the book Alex is so focused on stealing other people money he forgets about being truthful…show more content…
As Sam is breaking into the house where the big score is he hears his friend scream. As he turns around there are two men in dark black suits who he thinks are the people that live there. He immediately rushes past them trying to escape the house only to realize his friend has been captured. Alex hears the muffled yells of his friend as the men in suits close in on him. Alex turns around just in time to see the men shoot his friend, killing him and leaving Alex to be held accountable. This situation reminds me of the song See You Again by Charlie Puth for numerous reasons. The first being that both the book and song talk about how hard life will without their friends. The next is that in the song they sing “ Everything we’ve been through you been standing here by my side” and this is the same for Alex and Toby. No matter what Alex was doing toby was always with him until the

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