A Response To Thomas Jefferson's Attacks

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The British are taking American ships and crewmen. If this non-sense doesn’t stop, I’m not going to be able to send my merchandise abroad. Why doesn’t our navy resist these attacks! I read in the Boston Times that the British tried taking crewmen from the Chesapeake. Why isn’t Jefferson doing anything to prevent this! He’s not leading our country properly. We have a navy, they should be able to defend against these attacks! Well it seems like Jefferson has done something idiotic. He wants to starve the British through the means of cancelling our exports. Americans are losing jobs, poverty is filling the streets, and our economy has sunken farther. What numskull would keep this act, while they have full knowledge of its failures! I’m scared that I’ll lose my job, I’m just clinging to God for now!…show more content…
Yet, I’m hesitant with our yearning for Canada. We already have a huge territory towards the West of the United States, we could venture there. I know more resources are helpful towards us, but their risking the lives of our countrymen and soldiers. I just cannot abide by that. These two Indian brothers named Tenskwatawa and Tecumseh seriously believe that they’re going to revive or keep they’re territory. Well, I’m glad that Harrison swiftly stepped in and disrupted their impending attack. I heard Prophetstown was burned during the attack, I hope it teaches the Natives to stop fighting Americans. After reading the Republic Magazine, I saw this new group called the War Hawks. They’re a lot of farmers from the putrid South trying to make us enter Canada. The risk of raising tensions between the British and causing another war isn’t worth it. Also, they said that the British were supplying the Natives with weapons. We all know that the Natives are quite ludicrous, they’ll fall to our might once
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