'A Rhetoric Analysis Of Broad-Shouldered Beast'

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It’s that damn rhetorical styling that got me. I listened to this album for a week straight when it came out in August and then went on a month long detox. Feeling a craving for it today I wasn’t surprised when this line ended up being one of the features in my ear’s highlight reel. It’s that damn rhetorical styling, I tell you. It’s a sweet song from a boy to his love. It’s also a brutally honest song. The girl whose image the songwriter paints doesn’t come off all that pretty. This portrait of a flawed character makes it almost feels like the tables have been turned in the relationship and the guy now has the higher ground. I think he knows this too and yet is quick to offer his helping hand or “broad-shoulder” to his partner. The song’s called “Broad-Shouldered Beast” and if the something as big as the “world” is going for the chock-hold I would want someone with broad-shoulder to be on my side. Not just for the obvious like to pummel the Earth, Hulk style or offer one of those boulder like shoulders to cry on. It would be nice to simply have an offer of a hand to hold or the warmth of the beast by your side.…show more content…
Kind of belittling isn’t it? Another way the songwriter paints another panel in this relationship. He isn’t perfect even when she is in the wrong: very “Beauty and The Beast” thing happening. Who’s to say if this comparison or analogy, or whatever rhetorical term fits best, was intentional but in my mind’s eye it only make the line more beautiful. My favorite line is used to sum up his sentiment. Two people together against all circumstance, just holding hands.
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