A Rhetoric Analysis Of 'Dear Mr. President' By Pink

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The song “Dear Mr President” was composed by an American artist with an international fan base, Pink. In this song Pink speaks on behalf of America for the issues that have been left aside because they didn’t seem important to the former president, George W. Bush. George W. Bush was the 43rd president of the United States from 2001 to 2009. The purpose of this song was to confront the president and question the president’s morals and who he is as a person to see if he is proud of who he is and how he is running the country. In the song there are many issues that Pink is protesting within this song and example is the inadequacy of empathy towards the poor and the middle-class citizens. Another example of an issue is the discrimination towards homosexuals. Pink uses a variety of techniques to present these issues clearer and try to change the perspective of the audience towards George W. Bush and his administration. To begin with, in “Dear Mr President” an issue presented is the inadequacy of empathy…show more content…
These two lines are “I can only imagine what the first has to say” and “You’ve come a long way from whiskey and cocaine.” The word choice of “I” is first person and Pink is implying that she herself, is also disappointed with the president and how he has run the country but it would disappoint the first lady even more about his work and what he has done and caused. Another persuasive technique that is present in stanza 5 is emotive language. The word choice of hate. The word hate is known as a strong word and in this case it shows the audience that Bush is completely against homophobic people and the same sex marriage. The whole tone of this stanza is disappointment. It builds a feeling that if a citizen was to be homophobic that they would be treated differently and discriminated. It also makes people find it harder to open up about their sexuality as they fear of
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