A Rhetorical Analysis Alfred Green Speech

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With the Civil War in full swing, the fate of a nation hung in the balance. In the North, Union forces were not being flooded by African Americans ready to fight. In the South, Confederates and plantation owners were fueling their industries on African American slave labor. Nevertheless, African Americans wanted to show their bravery, patriotism, and love for their country. Alfred M. Green then gave an inspiring speech calling all African Americans to unite and campaign against the injustices their forefathers underwent. Utilizing ethos, pathos, logos, and kairos, Green created a well rounded and effective argument for inspiring African Americans to serve in the Union ranks. By using ethos and pathos, Green crafted a persuasive argument that…show more content…
Green’s speech was delivered only a month into the Civil War. Casualties were prevalent on both sides and reinforcements would surely be needed. The speech calls for African Americans to unite around a shared love of country as well as to inspire oppressed slaves in the South. Finally, Alfred Green uses facts to help support and build up his argument. By speaking of specific times where African American soldiers helped the United States in war, Green provides evidence to support his argument. In addition, by listing forms of discrimination that African Americans had to face, Green shows his listeners that it is time to take the high road and unite against the injustice.
By successfully utilizing all parts of the rhetorical triangle, Alfred Green created a strong persuasive argument supporting African American participation in the civil war. In addition, Green remains calm and respectful throughout his speech and even connects to his audience on a personal level. Everything Green did and used went into formulating a strong speech that eventually met its goal of increasing African Americans numbers fighting for the Union Army in the Civil
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