A Rhetorical Analysis Essay On Infiniti

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“The most basic human desire is to feel like you belong. Fitting in is important.” This quotation by Simon Sinek, British/American best-selling author and motivational Ted Talk speaker, embodies the rhetorical appeal that marketers across the world so widely attack. Marketing campaigns target people’s wants and needs to persuade the consumer that they are buying a product that gives them more than any other product. In recent years, car companies have been particularly pushy in utilizing this tactic to convince customers that their car is the highest in quality, most reliable, and most beneficial in building relationships with friends and family. Infiniti, a well-known Japanese luxury car manufacturer and daughter company of Nissan, has recently…show more content…
Scott Conant provides credibility to the advertisement by pressuring others into thinking that investing in an Infiniti is the tasteful and sophisticated decision. The claim that the GX80 is for the people who matter attempts to establish logical appeal to the consumer despite the fact that it insults those who do not own an Infiniti vehicle. Lastly, visual appeals in the ad draw people to believe that buying an Infiniti will bring them closer to nature and develop the camaraderie of relationships with all those who ride in the GX80 with the consumer. Through all rhetoric presented in Infiniti’s advertisement for the 2015 GX80, the marketing strategy is ultimately working to target people’s most important human desire as according to Simon Sinek: a sense of belonging and social importance. While the logical appeal used in the advertisement inadvertently states that people driving Infiniti vehicles matter more than those who do not, the advertisement still successfully establishes that purchasing the redesigned Infiniti GX80 will strengthen relationships with friends and family over the common bond of a luxury

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