A Rhetorical Analysis Essay On Noodles And Company

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Noodles and Company also known as “The World's Kitchen” is a causal dining restaurant that prides itself on fresh homemade food. Using fresh ingredients, cooks form the world’s popular dishes such as “Mac and Cheese”, “Pad Thai”, “Penne Rosa”, and other dishes. Noodles and Company also offers “soups”, “salads”, and its famous homemade “Rice Krispy treats”. By serving millions of people around the nation, Noodles and Company has been determined to gain the respect as well as the acknowledgment it deserves.
Beginning in 1995, Noodles and Company developed from the simple concept of, “serve fresh food fast”. With this concept the restaurant started redefining fast casual dining in America. Founded in Colorado, by Aaron Kennedy, the restaurant grew from a $300,00 business in 1996 to 300 million dollar company by 2013.() With thousands of locations, whom each values the business of all people, the company started to refer to customers as guest in order to fully establish the personal connection with everyone who dine at the restaurant, thus separating the restaurant from the typically restaurant. This rhetorical analysis will explore the purpose, audience, genre, and different rhetorical strategies used. Combining all these aspects, I to market the company to potential guest through a short online animated commercial. The commercial is 60 seconds
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The choice to create short commercial was based around flexibility and audience, both television and Internet holds. Studies show that TV ads are resurfacing for different reasons that are good for advertiser. According to CBS Corp.’s chief research officer David Poltrack and other staff members, “ people are not craving a world without advertising. Audiences don’t like ads that aren’t relevant to them. But they enjoy ads that are relevant to them.” () The graph below shows the importance of television and online flexibility when it comes to

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