A Rhetorical Analysis Essay On The Fight For Freedom

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Post Write for EP 2: Rhetorical Analysis In my essay “The Fight for Freedom,” I feel like I did a good job of portraying what Patrick Henry intended for his speech. I was able to take his sentences and portray them in a way that everyone would be able to understand. Some processes that helped me write this essay were; the incubation period, where I was able to think what I was going to write, the planning process, where I could organize all of my thoughts onto paper, and the process of peer review and being able to get advice to improve my paper. I still need improvement on my essay structure, my grammar, and elevated word choice. If I take more time to edit my essay and make it well thought out and clear to others, I should be able to have a better structure and correct grammar. For my word choice, I should look up easy words and find synonyms to them to expand my knowledge and vocabulary. My overall writing process for this was incubation, reading the speech multiple times and marking it up, writing my thoughts on paper and researching the rhetorical appeals to better understand them, and then writing my paper and editing. It effected my end process by helping me understand and convey clearly to others what the speech meant and what appeals were used, however, if I spent more time prewriting, my essay could have been …show more content…

The feedback was super effective and I was able to add information and finesse to my essay that I had never even thought of using before. I took the feedback seriously and took all thoughts from my reviewer into consideration and used them to better my essay. The only regret that I have is not getting more peer revisers. In the writing workshop, I participated as just a class mate as my essay was not being reviewed and I was not a facilitator. I treated the writing workshop as a peer review for myself as I took peoples thoughts and suggestions into consideration and applied it to my own

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