A Rhetorical Analysis For Restaurant Workers

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The pathos in this editorial comes directly from the author talking to restaurant workers and their stories allows for the reader to feel sympathy for what a worker goes through in order to make a living. “Filiberto Lopez moved to Boston from El Salvador seven years ago in hopes of finding the American Dream, and ended up sleeping in the kitchen of a East Boston Peruvian restaurant…His boss, himself an immigrant, was verbally abusive, regularly referring to Lopez as “Boy.” For this, Lopez was paid $5 an hour and never overtime.” Talking to people directly involved allow the reader to gain sympathy and understand the struggle that a worker may go through to receive very little pay in order to live somewhat comfortably. The reader can understand that worker can be living like this today with nowhere to go being abused by their boss; work long hours with not much pay and still not have a home to go to due to the lack of finances coming in.…show more content…
“Paying your dues quietly is how to move up in a kitchen,” says Jonny Arévalo, who worked at several Boston restaurants, including Bennigan’s, for nine years. “Then some other poor guy takes your place.” Talking to another restaurant worker allows for the author to build on his editorial and be able to talk about the struggles workers can face in order to get by and earn a decent amount of money to be able to live
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