A Rhetorical Analysis Into The Wild

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Into The Wild Analysis

“Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives,” stated Alan Sachs. This applies to Chris McCandless who always had to live life to the fullest. Chris McCandless wanted to live a life away from others for many different reasons. He had issues with emotional intimacy with others and himself. He always needed to live the extremes of life. Alex's experiences has affected lots of different people, including me.

Lots of different people of different people deal with emotional intimacy everyday. Chris McCandless was dealing with emotional Intimacy in his own life. “ McCandless was thrilled to be on his way north, and he was relieved as well-relieved that he had again evaded the impending …show more content…

Chris McCandless need the extreme adventures. “ A trancelike state settles over your efforts; the climb becomes a clear-eyed dream. Hours slide by like minutes. the accumulated clutter of day-to-day existence-the lapse of conscience, the unpaid bills, the bungled opportunities, the dust under the couch, the inescapable prison of your thoughts by an overpowering clarity of purpose and by the seriousness of task at hand,” (Krakauer, 142,143). This passage illustrates Krakauer's feelings while climbing. Krakauer explains climbing is an escapism for him. When he climbs all Krakauer can focus on is climbing. Nothing from his life crosses his mind. It's the thing that puts his mind at ease. For this reason Chris is always seeking the extreme adventure. Chris was clearly also going for escapism on these adventures. He was trying to leave the relationships he had and the responsibilities these bring with. When Chris goes out on these extreme adventures he can only focus on staying alive. Due to this Chris doesn't have to be involved with his loved ones …show more content…

It's showed me that you shouldn't run away from your relationships. In the book Chris got close to many different characters, but as soon as he got close to someone he would have to leave and go on a adventure. “ McCandless was thrilled to be on his way north, and he was relieved as well-relieved that he had again evaded the impending threat of human intimacy, of friendship, and all the messy emotional baggage that comes with it. he had fled the claustrophobic confines of his family. he’d successfully kept Jan Burres and Wayne Westerberg at arm’s length, flitting out their lives before anything was expected of him. And now he’d slipped painlessly out of Ron Franz’s life as well,” (Krakauer, 55). During this part Chris is leaving Ron. Even if Chris would have made it back we know he wouldn't have tried to keep a relationship with Ron. I think Chris would never be happy without a relationship. I feel that you have to have someone else to lean on and share your happiness to be happy. Chris’s story showed me to keep relationships strong or you will never be

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