A Rhetorical Analysis Of A Commercial

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During Super Bowl Sunday, millions of people across the globe tune in to watch the game while also gawking at some of the most popular commercials of the year. Coca-Cola presented its commercial “Love Story” during this past Super Bowl. They are known for having memorable and popular advertisements, this past one was no different. “Love Story” persuades the average person to drink a Coke with any meal along with the ones they cherish. The intended audience in this commercial is the everyday person. According to Statistic Brain Research Institute, “96% of the world’s population can recognize Coke just by their logo”. With that being said, most age groups will buy the product because of taste and marketing techniques. While watching “Love Story” …show more content…

That is a monumental number considering there are so many soft drink and beverage choices to select from. Also it is proven that Coke’s market share is seventeen percent higher than the next two competitors. As viewers watch the commercial they conclude that Coke is the number one selling beverage and should be the first choice of beverage. This “must have” mentality ensures that the product is looked at as the prime candidate for consumption because they provide a great taste at a low cost. Coca-Cola also uses kairos to their advantage by airing their advertisement at a great time. With over 110 million people watching the game of the year, it is no surprise that “Love Story” is aired in between breaks. Having such a large audience view the product will most definitely persuade individuals to purchase their product. Coca-Cola has produced a unique product that quenches thirst while also bringing people together. “Love Story” has brought out the pathos and ethos of the viewers as well as persuading them to purchase a Coke to share with a loved one. As people reminisce on the good days with the ones they love and cherish, they will also remember the classic drink with the words “Coca Cola” printed across the

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