A Rhetorical Analysis Of Al Pacino In Any Given Sunday

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When it comes to motivational speeches, the pre-game speech given by Al Pacino in the movie Any Given Sunday ranks with the best of them. This speech was given before a big championship game football game to a professional football team that was crumbling apart. Even though the aging coach’s job was on the line, he gave this speech not to save his job, but instead to motivate his team to put differences apart and come together and to inspire them to perform the way they were capable. Al Pacino is an accomplished actor who is notorious for delivering profound speeches in his movies. Pacino has an over half century acting career and have earned many accolades and honors, among them an Academy Award, two Tony Awards, a British Academy Film …show more content…

They were able to relate to the one inch at a time proposition of pulling together to come out of the disarray the team was in. They were touched by his honesty and openness in the beginning of his speech, which was an attention getter, then intrigued by the challenge to sacrifice for the team and fight for the inches need to win and survive. The coach ended the speech with a summation of the team fighting for that inch together and then concluded with the question, “…now, what are you gonna do”. The inspired team then went on, played with their heart, and won the football game. I think this was a great inspirational speech and I think of it when I am facing difficult odds. I think of the two options of my situation, I can fight for the inches I need to survive and thrive, or I can crumble. There were many individual thoughts that can be taken from this speech and applied to everyday living and striving. When faced with difficult situations, when experiencing having things taken from you and losing other things, remembering this speech inspires to fight to make it inch by inch, putting all the inches together and winning and making

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