A Rhetorical Analysis Of Barack Obama's Immigration Speech

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There is and always will be political issues left unresolved. This issues are presented to the people in various sources. Some examples may be commercials, political cartoons, speeches, ads on billboards, even on the famous youtube page. One of the many political sources might propose something, but there is always another position who might oppose the agreement. The main idea to grasp from a political ad is the message of it. The theory of the ad is the research on the words, the image, the position of the ad. This is a reliable manner to truly understand the background of the message and the true argument. In a speech on immigration reform, Barack Obama is presenting an idea towards a universal topic, immigration (Transcript: Obama’s Immigration Speech). This political source…show more content…
Obama justifies this action due to the fact that there are those people who deserve to come to the country for good purposes. Moreover, there are some who can succeed with good purposes who wish to escape economic and violent conditions of the country of origin. Obama would rather extract the criminals, who do no good in the country (Transcript: Obama’s Immigration Speech). The audience of this speech is the people searching for immigration answers, and the specific population whom support immigration. The appeal in the case is immigration, because everyone desires to know what solutions Obama is to create to solve the issue. Additional possible fallacies of the speech is, once people vote against immigration, the people who oppose this act believe this will solve all economic, and social problems. The possible immigration reform is suggesting, the illegal immigrants are saved from everything, and that it was in good faith to enter the country illegally. The speech will persuade people to rethink the advantages and the possible effects for voting against illegal immigration
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