A Rhetorical Analysis Of Barack Obama's Speech

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Making history in the books as becoming the first African-American to become president. Barack Obama was welcome at the election in Chicago, with cheers and hand claps from the audience as his family followed behind him with support to enjoy the moment in his victory over John McClain and Hilary Clinton. Thanking and giving gratitude to his supports, his opponents, and his team, from all they put into this election. Addressing all the well needed crisis in America will be change once he steps in office. Showing the signs of a great leader the audience and viewers are looking at enlighten the future up ahead in the days to come. Obama motives of his speech was to brighten and bring hope to the people of America as he become their new president. The speech itself was very inspirational, positive, and heart warming. His tone of voice, eye contact, and posture showed how serious he was about…show more content…
Using the statements of “ we as people will get there”, us America can change”, that our union will be perfect, “ what we already do gives us hope and what we can will be achieve by tomorrow”, and the most remembered one “ Yes We Can”. Informing out that we as people will get there even though it will take time and patients. As he was giving them hope in what improvements made tomorrow. Establishing the needs of America crisis that will be attend to with affirmative action. Obama victory speech was all around victorious. The impact of it left his audience inspired and pleased in what they wanted to hear. Looking towards improvement for better living for themselves and for what future has to come. To restore propriety and promote the cause of peace to reclaim the American dream. That the fundamental truth that out of many we are one, that while we breath we hope, for those that tell us no we say “ Yes We

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