A Rhetorical Analysis Of Barilla Protein Gum

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The Barilla Protein Gum expresses the pasta to be fueled up with energy. The pasta is packaged in a yellow boxed that has an actual visual of the pasta on the bottom right corner of the advertisement. The rhetorical effectiveness of this advertisement is within the protein claiming that this pasta has 17g of protein, with enhance of persuasion giving you a lot of energy. The advertisement catches the audience attention by a tan, little girl with dark brown hair and ponytails, who has a white shirt and is showing off her big muscles. In front of her there is a white bowl of pasta that has cheese, tomatoes and spices of cilantro on it. The advertisement has a background that is white with blue letters with 20 and 48 font sizes that says “Pasta with Protein Power”. Next to the little girl there is a yellow, blue and red package. On the center top of the packaging it has small, capitalized, blue letters enough for the reader to read. It claims, “Est. Parma 1877 Italy’s #1 brand of pasta. In the center of the package, it says “Barilla” in white letters with a white and red oval shape around it. Under that red circle…show more content…
These individuals may be searching for different reasons why to buy this product, such as serving healthier meals to the family, individuals who work out often and want to make meals that help them build muscle, and individuals who want healthy, quick, and easy meals. The advertisements claim for convincing readers is by using the little girl as example on how the pasta is beneficial for kids. The persuasion the advertisement provides to the readers is by using a logos appeal due to telling the readers how much protein it has and how many grams of fiber the pasta has. Another persuading appeal, ethos, is used within the ad by mentioning that is the pasta is from all natural vegetarian ingredients and mentioning it is Italy’s #1 brand
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