A Rhetorical Analysis Of Bernie Sanders's Speech

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Bernie Sanders:
Behavior/demeanor - The behavior or mood of the speaker Bernie Sanders creates a very unique impression with his appearance and behavior. His age, appearance, accent, accompanied by his stern manner of speech and his occasional fumbling for words. While incredibly arduous to point out specific examples of a strategy that affects the speaker the whole time, his tone is especially evident during his opening and closing statements. Also falling under this category is his common hand movements. Also fickle to explain is it's purpose, it is impossible that these features are here intentionally, but they may not be hidden to create an affect. It's purpose however is clear, it sets up a unique candidate with memorable traits.
Hyperbole: An over exaggeration for effect on the audience. Bernie sanders uses hyperbole when talking about his plans to deal with terror groups. Firstly he vilifies the groups by mentioning in greater depth than necessary their egregious crimes and policies, and secondly he asserts the need to create an international task force to destroy these terror groups. His purpose in making these statements is clearly to create a resounding need in the view to combat these groups, and make it seem like he knows how to combat these groups. Bernie's use of hyperbole
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She makes multiple allusions, including the 80's in Beirut and Lebanon with Reagan, mentioning the 280 murdered, as well as the attacks on the Benzine and Kenya embassies while her husband was in office, as well as bringing up 9/11. Hillary likely used these examples for two reasons, one of which is the strong emotions they inspire in the American people. Secondly she likely brings it up to disprove that the war she voted for caused more terrorism. Though it may be false, the knowledge that terrorism previously existed in the U.S. is enough to for some to disarm the attack on
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