A Rhetorical Analysis Of Blank Space

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Am I Insane or Is It Just You? “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift is an influential video that will be embraced by a feminist audience as it depicts a story mocking how Swift as a high maintenance, love crazy, emotional wreck who has one broken relationship after another. In creating a story, the video portrays Tay-lor and her handsome man in an almost fairy tale love story that quickly goes bad as she turns into a jealous, crazy ex-girlfriend who makes him pay for not being what she wanted. Once she is done with him, she rapidly moves on to the next naive prospect. The video supports that wom-en are the ones that control their image and their own perception is all that really matters. Being impacted by labels or believing in the labels they…show more content…
Almost like the saying “Fell in love at first sight,” Taylor suggests this by introducing this remarkably handsome guy in her music video. He shows his prosperity by pulling up in his classic convertible which makes him very desirable. Even Taylor thinks so as she walks to the top of her granite tiled imperial staircase that wraps it-self around Taylor almost like its hugging her, and says “Oh my God, look at that face.” A statement that makes all of his other features, such as personality or sense of humor, seem trivial or unimportant and simply just his physical attractiveness matters. After seeing him from the top of the stairs, they sit at a dark wooded table that stretches about 20 feet and stare at each other while Taylor says “New money, suit and tie. I can read you like a magazine.” She says this as if he is just there for her enjoyment and again that his fortune and sharp look are what’s…show more content…
In order to be a strong woman with power and control, which are characteristics of to-day’s feminist view, they should not show their feelings or signs of weakness. Swift is often viewed as a role model for the career she has built for herself. She is regarded as one with pow-er, control and someone who has it all. This video will likely appeal to feminist because many today can relate to the challenges relationships bring and the challenges of showing they can be strong and in control. The message in the video also supports that regardless of how Swift is la-beled is doesn’t impact or influence her and she shows she has the power to be resilient and let it go. Taylor gives feminist courage to continue to focus on the image they have of themselves and that is what is most important - don’t let others impact or discourage who you are. A feminist may be challenged by Swift’s beauty or gorgeous gowns as still today many view that feminists are ugly and conservative as referenced by Leonard Pitt’s article: “I am feminist” in the Pittsburg Post. He eludes that many do not realize they are a feminist and may say “I’m not a feminist, but…” This likely relates with many who watch Swift’s video with an anti-feminist view think-ing she is beautiful, dressing to attract her handsome man and living a fairy tale romance. But, they would then say look at the power and control she
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