A Rhetorical Analysis Of Bluemoon Acres

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Bluemoon Acres has posted an image on their website of a pair of hands each full of rural and urban soil. While scrolling through Google, this picture has the ability to catch the eyes of those who are involved in programs such as the National FFA Organization and 4-H, most members can recognize the difference between the two types of soil. Not only is the focal point eye catching the color scheme could be considered vibrant and contrasting which may create interest in the image. The appealing colors and relatable subject constructs an attention-getting ethos and pathos argument. However, the lack of statistics and other numbers show a lack of a logos argument within this image. When observing this image it is apparent to indicate that the…show more content…
The chosen image holds no statistics and no use of words. This image forces the audience to make their own accusations as to what they believe that this image could mean. Anywhere from just two handfuls of dirt to seeing the image as a pile of dry, crusty soil and another handful of soft, fine, moisturized soil. Depending on the audience’s background would determine how they view this picture. After reviewing the image from Bluemoon Acres making a credible argument of pathos and ethos there is another photo with an excellent logos argument. This second image is from the website of the United States Department of Agriculture, and there are credible statistics about women in agriculture. This second image also provides a decently well made pathos and ethos argument in addition to the logos argument that is made. According to an image posted on the official website of the United States Department of Agriculture there are over 900,000 female farmers throughout the United States. This picture is formatted as if it was to be a flyer with statistics related to agricultural throughout the states. The audience this image attracts would include women, and others interested in agriculture, and possibly even some men who are very set strong in the traditional ways. With the use of statistics this image from the USDA provides the audience with an obvious use of a logistics…show more content…
Reading statistics about women in the agricultural industry can tend to sway two ways. Stereotypically there’s going to be that older male farmer who thinks that men belong behind a combine and women should stay at home and watch the kids, but that’s not at likely to happen in 2016. On the other hand women can see this and feel powerful because we have made such a long stretch since 1969 when women were officially allowed to be members of the National FFA organization. Strictly focusing on the image itself, however, the font that is used is kind and warming, making the image clearer to read. The ethos argument is not as smooth to argue however the paragraph of knowledge also lists an email and a Twitter account that can be used to contact members of the USDA. This information that is provided does help to provide a thought of the members of the USDA, making it seem that they have good moral character. Coming from the United State Department of Agriculture official website makes this image extremely reliable and credible to use frequently. In conclusion the illustration from Bluemoon Acres is more of a simplified photo that when trying to make a persuasive argument is more of a challenge to use to show support. The other image from the USDA happens to be able to hit on all three elements of a persuasive argument with a lot less effort made from the

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