A Rhetorical Analysis Of Body By Milk

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Dairy companies are undertaking an advertising campaign in which they use celebrities in order to capture the attention of young adults to consume more milk on a daily basis. The advertisement that I have chosen shows David Beckham which conveys the company's message of Body by Milk. The message is then further explained in the ad where it states, “The protein in milk helps build muscle and some studies suggest teens who choose it tend to be leaner.” The ad shows David Beckham's upper body in very well shape while he is holding a soccer ball which highlights his sporty side. He also has a milk mustache promoting the Body by Milk theme of the dairy company. “Got Milk?” ads have been ongoing since 1995 and have ever since been featuring celebrities with milk mustaches. The message that drinking milk can give your a better…show more content…
We can say a bit of humor is involved with the milk mustache since many adults now a days would consider that to be very immature. This comic side of the advertisement may be intended for men since it is a stereotype that many men still act as children, or even so it could be intended for the women to buy for their boyfriends or husbands. The product itself isn’t expensive at all the cost ranges between two to five dollars in any supermarket, so it is easy to get a hold of and has multiple uses on a daily basis. Milk is just the daily intake of a fluid that the body needs since it contains protein. The product does not show any way in which it can confer with the social status of the population because as mentioned before milk is very accessible. The audience for which it is intended would be young teenage boy and older men who would like to have a body like Beckham’s, so they would be tricked into believing that three daily intakes of milk could soon give them the body that the celebrity

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