A Rhetorical Analysis Of Budweiser's Born The Hard Way

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Budweiser’s objective in this advertisement is for the consumer to purchase their product by watching a thirty second commercial. They use a nurturing tone for typical American adults. “Born The Hard Way,” commercial adequately prompted their viewers to buy their alcohol because they use effective rhetorical appeals, create a patriotic story, and Foweles’s Basic Appeals. The story created within the ad was intended for mature adults because of the history included. They used the main idea of representing an immigrant from the patriotic view of an American. A child will not be intrigued or look for the deeper meaning behind the ad. In the video, the young man looks back on the journey he made before he signed an important deal. The setting is realistic and gives the viewer…show more content…
“It has been said that to Mr. Fowles thinks that society controls the outcome of decisions because of their personal obligations. The precursor achieves this because the customer’s wishes and dreams are embodied within their desires.” For instance, in the commercial the man had the need to obtain an end goal and it works the people up because the product exemplifies the target. Kairos is a Greek word meaning opportunity. If the company publishes an ad for the person to watch, they need to decide the perfect timing to earn the most responses. Budweiser chose to air it on February 5, 2017, it was on the day of the Super Bowl. According to fortune.com, it is estimated that 111.3 million people spectated this football game. The Super Bowl is known for their famous advertisements, so it was an intelligent move. When someone thinks of the game; food, beverages including alcohol, and parties are most likely to occur. When that commercial is on that person’s television screen, they will consider trying it or purchasing it for the celebration that is to

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