A Rhetorical Analysis Of Dance Moms

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1.1 Introduction
Reality TV is a television programming genre that records real life situations. These often come with a reward and are viewed for entertainment. The program being discussed is Dance Moms (2016) categorized in the competition drama. This report will discuss how real Dance Moms is through looking at the reality events and the editing.
2.1 Summary of Dance Moms
Dance Moms is an American reality TV show. Primarily set in the hometown of Pittsburg, home to the non-profit competition team, Abby Lee Dance Company, Dance Moms follows Abby Lee Miller as she trains the dancers and sets them on the road to stardom. They dancers as well as well as their mothers and Abby are given a taste of the real dance world in their strive to win
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Evidence of this is shown through the advertisements because they are about other dance companies and another one of Abby Lee’s Dance ultimate dance studio classes for children and teens. This is directed towards females specifically teenagers and children that want to improve as dancers. The rating for Dance Moms is PG but it encourages young viewers as the show is adapted for children, there is coarse language but since this program's target audience is mainly teenagers and children it is filtered with a beep so it is…show more content…
It is interesting watching the reactions of the Moms to each other’s behaviours. Another section of Dance Moms found entertaining is finding out what happens behind the scenes of the fake smiles and dancing and to see how hectic and dramatic show business is. Dance Moms has an educational aspect as it discusses how people strive to get to the stage that they are and inspires other young and older girls to start dance. The seriousness of the competition makes Dance Moms more interesting to the audience, “That’s what I’m preparing you for, and that’s what this journey has been all along”. Another intriguing technique used to entertain the audience is when the producer included phone conversations so that the audience can hear first-hand that what is said on reality TV is actually true. Abby has a pyramid of the dancers that performed the best at the competition, this gives the impression that she favors certain dancers and as a result of this commotion breaks out and it entertains the audience as the moms
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