A Rhetorical Analysis Of Donald Trump's Speech

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Before a thorough assessment of the a specific speech given by Donald Trump a republican presidential candidate in Las Vegas, Nevada, the analysis of the audience has to be observed in terms of demographics, psychographics, rheterographics. The audiences were people of all ages, races, and gender, majority of the audience were trump supporters who wholeheartedly came out to listen to what he had to say, and the atmosphere for the speech Trump was going to dispose was supportive and alive because in the video the first twenty-seven minutes was filled with people awaiting the arrival of Trump and his speech. This goes to say that the overall speech was heavily anticipated and supported which bolstered Trumps speech. The next aspect to examine is the tone of the speech from the beginning to its closing remarks; this tone varied severely throughout it was bitter, whimsical, and deliberate. The speech is disposed to be semi-formal because he does not use appropriate terms and he abbreviates words such as “we’re” and so on. He effectively acknowledges the audience to show his gratitude for the support they are expressing towards him for instance “what a crowd!” There was no specific cause or order for…show more content…
He constantly keeps them engaged and strongly connected which works to his benefit; the support of the audience continually increases because he uses statement like “We are going to take out country back” and “we’re winning in Nevada.” This makes the audience feel in control of their decisions to support Trump and the fact democracy is all about a government ran by the people springs into action. A weakness from Trumps speech is that he does not cite or give credibility to the facts he states, for instances he starts a fact saying “here’s a story.” To conclude his speech he gives anecdotes that summarizes his speech and makes his speech
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