A Rhetorical Analysis Of Florence Kelley's Speech

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Florence Kelley Speech Florence Kelley conveys her message about child labor in her speech. Through the use of different rhetorical strategies, she shows us how each state’s child labor laws are different. Each state has their own law of how long the child should work and an age. The children are expected to be working while the adults are buying. The children will always be working there because without an education, they can’t really do anything else. Kelley uses her tone to show us how shameful some states should be when it comes to their child labor laws. Her sympathy can be heard through the speech when she talks about little girls staying up day and night to weave and sew the products. When she talks about New Jersey’s laws, she was disappointed because New Jersey lets the children work all night long with only a small amount of money. All the other states were harsh on the child workers once they are compared to Alabama. At the end of her speech, the determination to change the laws is seen since she also ends …show more content…

Her tone of voice, choice of words, and rhetorical questions moves people into thinking that the child labor laws are ridiculous and urges them to take action. The examples and words she uses was to show what goes behind the factory doors and what the country has turned to depend on. A nation is suppose to treasure and support the children in their education because they will become possible future leaders and live here. If a country depends on the work of children to support the production of goods, the future generation won’t be as educated as they should’ve been. She’s almost speaking the minds of the listeners through her rhetorical questions and answers them with what they should do if they don’t want this to continue. The strategies she uses made a great impact on people through her speech because she also provides an

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