A Rhetorical Analysis Of Hamlet By Laura Bohannan

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Main Argument and Thesis The main point of the article is literature is open to interpretation and that different experiences can affect the way a group understands a situation. Supporting Evidence The author, Laura Bohannan, supports the main argument through citing dialogue throughout the article that allows the reader to understand Bohannan’s experience. Bohannan shares the frequent interruptions she faces, as well as the final words the elders speak, “We, who are elders, will instruct you on their true meaning, so that when you return to your own land your elders will see… who have taught you wisdom” (Bohannan 12). Sharing the reactions of the elders throughout the story telling process depicts the differences in comprehension and interpretation between Bohannan and the elders. Through Bohannan sharing dialogue, the reader is able to understand the disconnect Bohannan has with the elders while telling the story, as well as comprehend the reasoning behind frequent interruptions. Brief Summary…show more content…
Bohannan goes on to share an experience in which elders encouraged her to explain the meaning behind the papers she was reading. This was a daunting task since storytelling is very important to the Tiv, but Bohannan does her best to stay composed and present the story of Hamlet in terms that the elders will understand. As Bohannan tells the story, she is interrupted at several points, often as a result of the elders telling her the true meaning behind the story, even though it is not the way the story is universally
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