A Rhetorical Analysis Of Herb Brooks Miracle On Ice Speech

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Miracle on Ice Speech
You were born for this- Herb Brooks

The speech I am about to analyze is a motivational speech given by the United States hockey team coach Herb Brooks in 1980 to a locker room full of young hockey players. The speech lasted about two minutes and hit every main point necessary for the team to be mentally ready when facing the Soviets. The speech itself is very special to those who lived it but for others to understand I must first give a complete background on that era in the US and how the team made the miracle possible.
It all began in Colorado Springs, 1979 as Herb Brooks interviewed with the Unites States Olympic Committee of Hockey. In an era were the Cold War is going on and the Soviet Union is dominating the sport of hockey, Herb walks into the meeting demanding changes in the way the US hockey team prepares and trains. He shares his philosophy
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The defeat on the Soviet Union team, on February 22, 1980 is now known as the Miracle on Ice. The team faced Finland in the final as they completed the dream by winning and crowing themselves the best team in the world. This hockey team symbolized hope for the entire country, it showed everyone that when it doesn’t look like things are okay if you stick together and work hard you will be victorious.
Herbs primary audience is the players in the locker room and the secondary audience is everyone who watched it after the game was over or years later to use as motivation. The speech was relatively short but to the point and he got the players persuaded to believing that they could win the game. The main idea in the speech to me is when he tells the players that they were all born to be hockey players and that they were meant to be in the situation they are. The speech is very inspiring and efficient as it changed the course of hockey in the United States of America
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