A Rhetorical Analysis Of I Want A Wife By Judy Brady

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Judy Brady’s “I Want A Wife” is a revolutionary piece that attempted to reveal the unequal roles men and women held in society. She goes through her prose by listing all the responsibilities her wife must have and the ways to make her happy. Brady’s whole article is satirizing these roles and is, in general, very sarcastic in her tone. She mocks a society that has given women an impossible standard and she starts with the deprivation of her education then continues with the role her wife should play in domestic ways, and then finishes with the expectations the sexual aspects of their relationship. I believe that Brady’s underlying message was and still is important for the development of equality in our nation. Personally, I believe in the message Brady was trying to convey and send to the masses.…show more content…
In some cases, people believed inequality, but they would not risk their social status in order to fight for women. Sexism is still a problem today and I believe it was bred from various of generations of that constant mentality. I believe that the men who read this article in 1972 scoffed at it and said “Women should know their place.” Women, however, were most likely motivated and empowered by articles like this one. Women who were dumb and brainwashed by their sexist husband probably read a piece such as this one and quickly told themselves that woman should always stay at home, “it’s just the way life is.” If I were to live in the 1970s, I would have been apart of every feminist movement ever held. This type of writing inspires me, but also angers me as it most likely did to some women when this was written. I think this piece is brilliant in the way that it presents its message. The general population in America during the 70s may not agree. They may see it as a rebellion amongst women instead of a cry for equality. It may be seen as that even
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