A Rhetorical Analysis Of Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer

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The first timed writing assignment was to discuss the differences between the novel and the movie, Into the Wild, by John Krakauer. In retrospect, my essay would have been more effective if I clearly identified one element in detail about why the change in narrator impacted the story. The use of examples would have strengthened my argument and allowed me to stay on point with the prompt. I also think that a compare and contrast paragraph would have helped my essay. For example, comparisons could have been made between other written works and films. In my experiences, when literary works are turned into films, it is often verbatim from the text.
Specific questions I could have asked myself are- how does one convert a written story into …show more content…

In the prompt addressing, The Great Gatsby, I only focused on one strategy, imagery. By only focusing on one rhetorical strategy, I weakened my claim that Fitzgerald uses multiple strategies. It was hard for me to answer this question because I was unable to formulate my thoughts and perspective in to describe the outcome Fitzgerald was trying to convey in using rhetorical strategies. In the future, I will make sure to integrate all these rhetorical devices when writing my essays. Although I did not elaborate as much as I could have, I believe the information and writing I presented shows I have an understanding of the novel and how to format an essay. The last prompt discusses objectivity and bias John Krakauer shows towards Chris throughout the novel. Although I believe I did a good job providing examples to answer the question, I could have been more simple and direct in my answer. Instead of going directly into my essay I took a longer time to establish my main point, which was that Krakauer, loses objectivity. I could have organized my answer better in that I could have integrated my first paragraph into my answer. I put the “why” before the “how”, thereby causing confusion in the organization of my

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