A Rhetorical Analysis Of John Perazzo's Black Lives Matter

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The opinion article “Black Lives Matter: A Movement Built on Lies” by John Perazzo represents the Black Lives Matter movement (which is referred to as BLM within this essay) and the people associated with it in an intensely negative light. Through the use of several rhetorical devices, Perazzo dramatically conveys his deep resentment for the group. By doing this, he aims to persuade the audience against Black Lives Matter and to share his antagonistic views. After all, the portrayal of the movement is a significant factor in the effectiveness of the text as a whole. Perazzo employs a variety of argumentative strategies to lead to the overall exceptionally slanderous and negative portrayal of Black Lives Matter as a group, which in turn damages his argument’s larger message about the movement’s goals. There are a miscellany of devices which create the snide and abrasive portrayal of BLM activists. One that…show more content…
By refusing to use the proper name, Black Lives Matter, Perazzo demonstrates This use of anotomasia highlights the general goal of representing the hypocrisy and illogical nature of the activists of BLM. Perhaps the most immediately noticeable features of the text are the harsh tone and personal targeting of BLM which are ultimately the most powerful aspects of Perazzo’s article terms of how he represents the people of Black Lives Matter because of the clear resentment they convey. In the beginning, the author utilizes an attention-grabbing description of the movement as “The clown show known as Black Lives Matter”(1). The disrespectful diction used here ridicules BLM and reveals the author’s attitude right out of the gate. Additionally, it establishes
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