A Rhetorical Analysis Of Katie's Book Blog

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Stepping into a bookstore excites me. I see rows of books calling out to me, and I answer as my fingertips brush the hardcovers and paperbacks. My eyes roam up and down the colorful bookcases as several details catch my attention. The cover art of one book looks so intriguing, but the title of the other sounds thrilling. How will I ever choose which one to buy? I can prevent this dilemma in a few short minutes by visiting a book review website. Katie’s Book Blog aims to help readers in search of their next novel. Katie reviews books weekly and provides helpful information about them for her readers. By examining her blog as a whole as well as two reviews, Exit, Pursued By a Bear and The Assassin Game, readers can see how Katie utilizes several rhetorical strategies, such as ethos and pathos, to connect with her readers and make them appreciate and trust her reviews. Katie first uses visuals to capture the attention of her readers. Because of her simple URL, her page pops up on any “book blog” or “book review” Internet…show more content…
Katie includes a GIF at the end of each review that summarizes how she felt about the book. A GIF is a Graphics Interchange Format, which allows a picture to move and include words. For instance, after Exit, Pursued by a Bear, she includes a GIF from the movie Inside Out of the character Sadness sobbing profusely. After The Assassin Game, she includes a GIF of Bernie Sanders saying “Meh.” Facial expressions and body language do wonders in conveying emotions to people. If a person says, “the book was good” but his or her body language says something different, people tend to feel wary towards the book. On the other hand, if his or her body language shows enthusiasm and excitement, people also feel those emotions. By providing these GIFs, Katie conveys her physical reactions to the books, touching the emotions of her readers and conveying her feelings in ways her words
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