A Rhetorical Analysis Of King Muir

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Ever seen a movie when all hope is lost and then, boom! A miracle happened? The mood feels like a heartwarming surprise! He lets the reader know of his brink of lonelyness and hunger, then a sudden fofillment of joy takes place. Wonderful. We see here that Muir is using positive connotations, first word is rare, which could be taken bad I suppose but it is used in the same sentence as beautiful,”most beautiful” at that. By these words here, Muir is trying to describe the plant to us in a way that we would think just as he did, in awe and taken back in the beauty. Muir uses “bewildering” and “discouraging” which are both negitive connotations, The diction he chose was correct, after his journey he was tired discourage and most definantly at
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