A Rhetorical Analysis Of Lego

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Lego’s controversial advertisement portrays the inappropriate actions displayed on television in todays culture. In responds Logo suggest to censor children by engaging them in a constructive past time such as playing with Legos. The advertisement displays a man with a look of frustration and a blurred out image of a gun pointed to his head, a suicide scene televised in many family’s homes. The distressed man in the image is sitting on a couch of a modest living area surrounded with crumpled up news papers, a bottle of boozes and an overturned glass. The newspaper and alcohol represents the stressful events in the adult world, leading to coping with harmful substances that sometimes cause unfortunate results that are too mature for the adolescent…show more content…
The advertisement portrays the unsuitable scenes portray on Television that is corrupting the innocence of our youth. This Lego advertisement purposefully draws in the parental audience to have an emotional response to persuade them to buy Legos. In the attempt to persuade the viewer, the ad first has to grab attention with the expression of frustration and grief. After the viewer has been captivated the viewer the viewer must think about what they are seeing then realize that this is what their children are seeing on TV. After this realization the viewer then will notice the resemblance of censorship depict through Legos. Despite the literal censorship displayed, the viewer then can pick out the message announce by this advertisement, prevent your child from being exposed to this behavior and have them play with Legos to get them creatively engaged. The powerful emotional reaction caused by this advertisement supports the appeal of pathos despite argument of logos being the strongest rhetorical appeal due to the knowledge of context needed to interpret the advertisement. The advertisement intent is to create a controversial subject to get viewers to react and that is exactly what Lego portrayed. Do you want your child to be corrupted or be content with the freedom of imagination Legos
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