A Rhetorical Analysis Of Lose Yourself By Eminem

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"Look If you had one shot or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted In one moment would you capture it or just let it slip?" These were the most inspiring words from a very motivational rap song called "lose yourself". The song "lose yourself" was written and produced by Eminem and it is very well known for its aggressive and inspirational lyrics. The lyrics of this song inspired many people around the world including Eminem to achieves their dreams through hardworkwork and dedication. This song was so inspiring that it was played multiple times in schools and colleges in order to motivate students so they can seize their opportunities and do well in their academic career. Even though there are many motivational songs around the world but, "Lose Yourself" is by far the most inspiring song in the world. The main reason why this song truly matters to me is because it helped me as well as the whole country to stay strong and…show more content…
The popularity of this song was so high that it end up breaking several records which were thought to be unbrokeakable for a rap song. soon after the release of this song it became the number one song in eighteen countries around the world including the U.S, Australia, and England. In 2003 the song made history by winning the academy awards for the best music making it the first rap song ever to win an academy award. All these achievements as well as being included in the Rolling Stone's list of greatest 500 songs proves that "Lose was and still is the most motivational song in the history of music industry. You can critize this song as much as you want but there is one thing you cant critize about this song and that is it's motivational lyrics which changed the lives of many people including

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