A Rhetorical Analysis Of Mars In The 2012 Super Bowl

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The art of rhetoric is made up of many different strategies to appeal to a specific audience so, companies identify their target audience, then develop methods based on what they believe will be attractive to the respective group. Mars is the candy manufacturer credited for creating the Snickers bar, a candy that claims to satisfy the hunger of whomever consumes it. They are notorious for using an immense amount of persuasion methods in their commercial that always get people talking; one commercial in particular is a half-minute long football themed commercial starring Betty White. Since it is broadcasted in the 2012 Super Bowl, the viewers are primarily American men of various ages, who enjoy watching the NFL. Mars is overall effective in …show more content…

In the concluding scenes, another character is shown being attacked similar to the first member, then the screen changes and the company’s catch phrase is displayed. Mars’ tactful use of visual design strategies such as: relatable primary focus, illustrative repetition of graphics, eye-catching product placement and clever logo incorporation adds an element of entertainment successfully connects to males who enjoy football. First of all, the primary focus of the commercial is relatable, because the setting, an open, grassy area with metal bleachers, is a common place for those who enjoy watching sports. Some may feel a personal connection to the backdrop and associate the featured environment with moments in their own sports career where they have played with friends or have watched others compete against teammates. In addition, the creators of Snickers, Mars, uses repetition of graphics included in the commercial help illustrate the idea the company is trying to get across about their product. For instance, the main character in the advertisement, Mike is played by Betty White …show more content…

Marketers tie in the logos appeal by using a simple yet logical catch phrase, “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” Everyone can relate to a moment where they have been so hungry that they became irritable; subsequently proving, it is common sense that hunger can alter a person’s behavior. Obviously, the timing for a commercial with this theme is perfect to broadcast during the Super Bowl considering, everyone is already talking about football which is the theme of the entire commercial. The creators of snickers appeal to the emotions of the audience in a comical way. For instance, Betty White is shown being attacked into the mud by middle aged man; she immediately gets up and participates in classic smack talk. The idea of an old lady playing football against a bunch of younger gentlemen is humorous and gets people talking about the clip which is every marketer’s primary goal. Lastly, the ethics appeal is appropriate, because two famous actors, Betty White and Abe Vigodo are featured. However, the makers of the promotion could have improved the effectiveness of celebrity placement considering, the audience might recognize these actors, it is likely that they would react more positively towards a famous individual who is flourishing and more relevant

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