A Rhetorical Analysis Of Mcdonald's Corporation

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My rhetorical analysis is about McDonald’s corporation, this company has always been known for having the best food around. Allowing this company to be one of the world’s largest chains of hamburgers fast food restaurant serving around 68 million customers daily. My purpose of this is to provide why I think McDonald’s company and website ( uses rhetorical strategies such as Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. However McDonald’s Corporation was established in 1955, This “Family Restaurant” for decades has been attracting many customers providing them with quality food with extremely low prices, brain-washing the customers to just focus more on service, cheap food, and speed of service. Taking over, McDonald's uses more strategies by airing commercials and sponsoring the NFL, allowing this company to use legendary NFL coach Mike Ditka to participate in one of their website videos (New Team). Using rhetorical strategies such as appealing to customers luring them in with cool toys and playgrounds inside McDonald’s with cheap food, and sponsoring many things that common people…show more content…
Allowing this company to open up to the people is an example of ETHOS, and with customers seeing these things and not noticing the rhetorical strategies this company gets their trust. Another example in which McDonald's strategizes very well is social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc., similar to commercializing their company and sponsoring the NFL. McDonald’s isn’t using social media for likes and shares. However though, McDonald’s tries to allow people to follow them to make the people feel more connected to the company. At the moment, Social media helps promote their company by using current events amusing customers to eat at
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