A Rhetorical Analysis Of Mcgray's Article

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Beyond any doubt, your thesis is well defined and precise. The particular text that was analyzed and the author’s name are clearly stated, providing to the reader background information on your paper. Your audience is well-established, you stated a sufficiently narrowed audience, proved how the intended audience you provided could help the author achieve his purpose, and moreover you explained why foreign and educational policy makers are the intended audience. Therefore, you related the audience with McGray’s purpose, which is one of the keys to a successful rhetorical analysis. In my opinion, positioning the thesis at the beginning of the paper is not a very good strategy because your reader might forget about the main idea at the moment he reaches…show more content…
I do not consider it a structural problem, but a strategy problem. Due to a large number of people that will repeatedly talk about the same article, a well-strategized hook is one of the aspects that makes the reader see your writing style as unique. Your introduction is very solid; you have a clear understanding of McGray’s purpose and strategy. As I can see, you believe that McGray approach is effective; therefore, I believe that in the introduction you could show how trustworthy McGray is through providing some background information about the author’s work. As an example, you could use this sentence, McGray who is co-creator and editor-in-chief of Pop-Up Magazine. In this way, the reader will understand that McGray is not merely an ordinary citizen, but an expert credible to discuss the topic of American isolationism. Using statistics in the first paragraph is an effective strategy because it has a scientific character that shows how knowledgeable about the subject the author is, encouraging the audience to agree with his
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