A Rhetorical Analysis Of Nationwide Super Bowl

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The familiar jingle and slogan for one powerhouse insurance company, “Nationwide is on your side” replays in viewers’ minds again and again after watching or hearing one of Nationwide’s numerous commercials. Specifically, the Nationwide Super Bowl XLIX commercial’s message highlights how Nationwide is beneficial because of it’s support and personal acknowledgment to their customers when other companies are incapable of doing so. Most of this message was shown during the last section of the commercial, whereas the majority was footage of a person acting rashly because of their insurance company’s fault. Being a nationally recognized company and broadcasting their commercial during such an important event, Nationwide affected their timing, the…show more content…
Praising Nationwide and persuading the audience was the author’s primary motive, and for the most part they succeeded. This commercial displayed very strong ethos; the author establishes credibility easily because of the major companies that are represented. Consequently, these corporations convey a certain authority that can alone compel the audience to watch the commercial. Despite the use of political and persuasive ideas using ethos, the pathos of the Mindy Kaling Nationwide commercial uses a different approach. Throughout the commercial, Mindy completes multiple tasks that the average American citizen would connect to. Some of which include eating food, taking a “selfie”, riding in a taxi, using a car wash, and sunbathing in a local park. However, the audience also is forced to sympathize with Mindy because she is being ignored and pushed around. One specific scene that applies to the viewers pathos is when Mindy has an awkward encounter with Matt Damon, and the tension seems palpable. Overall, this commercial has a very comical feel to it, and focuses on entertaining the…show more content…
Since it was shown on television and during a national sporting event, it displays how Americans value sports, television, and what their interests are. The NFL Super Bowl is such a momentous event that Nationwide decided to air their commercial during the game to help attract the millions of sports-fans attention. Being set in the city, the commercial reaches out to connect with citizens living in urban areas. Not only the geographical sense, but the commercial is relatable to those who feel overwhelmed and isolated from others. Mindy portrays this part well, and shows the audience how many events, and people, can become “invisible” from others. Another component to contemplate is the time of year that this commercial aired. The Super Bowl typically occurs in February, which falls during tax season. After completing taxes and securing their personal finances for the previous year, some people might be willing to switch insurance companies to receive better

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