A Rhetorical Analysis Of Nike

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Nike Soccer Commercial
The product that is being advertised in this commercial is Nike Soccer. The advertisement breaks down as a major identity to soccer fans across the world. With this advertisement having famous soccer superstars such as Ronaldo, Neymar, Rooney, Iniesta, and Ibrahimović, consumers of the product can put themselves into Nike soccer cleats to transform their ordinary skill into a level that exceeds other brands. Nike, as you know, is a famous athletic retailer that sells footwear and athletic apparel globally.
Nike, out of Oregon, has a competitor within the athletic retail world which is Adidas. Adidas, out of Germany, creates similar products such as athletic wear and their main competitor. Adidas shoes are revolved around
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Based on an online journal from LAS, Nike is a unique general demographic segment. They market to athletes around the world. In demographic segmentation Nike targets individuals by age, life-cycle stage, gender, occupation, and generation. Nike’s marketing efforts are focused on urban areas. For example, a behavioristic variable is how Nike focuses on lauding particular product attributes, the company focuses on how their products make consumers react and feel.
The company focuses on athletes primarily throughout the years but have added a new outlook to their brand series focusing on teenagers from ages 12-20. How this company hits home with its advertisement, young soccer players look up to the figures that are excelling at this professional level. Brand loyalty is built between the company and its user. The advertisement shows these ordinary kids turning into superstars gives a user focus on buying the brand for the future. Nike launches soccer lines too that are new to its competitors by using player
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Nike for example, would reach out to European communities that unite the soccer world. They choose athletes from all various communities around the world. They choose advertisements and marketing campaigns to generate the ideas of the consumer to concentrate on the situated market of people.
The behavioristic variables tend to be a targeting idea on Nike’s behalf. The focus on how their product creates feeling within a consumer’s mind. Self-worth, loyalty, quality all must go through a consumer’s mind when buying the soccer products. They build their brand name by customer loyalty and increase sales to make a competitive market to be niche within Europe.
The behavioristic is to regain a consumer by loyalty and how the quality exceeds standards. Companies like Nike know that innovation is needed to make progress on their weightless Mercurial technology.
In a psychographic variable, Nike Soccer targets individuals who play strictly soccer. They choose the –player in the video for that purpose only to attract the individuals who want to be the super star athlete.
I believe this ad is effective and compelling to the soccer community and to people that are interested in this marketing area because it creates the idea we can be anyone if we put these shoes
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