A Rhetorical Analysis Of No Logo By Naomi Klein

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The expert whose ideas I chose to base off of this commercial is Naomi Klein, author of the book No Logo. One of Naomi’s primary concepts was the idea of ‘lifestyle branding’. She described lifestyle branding as the idea that companies are not selling products, they are actually selling ideas. For example, in the video it describes how Coca-Cola sells the idea of the youth lifestyle, and Disney sells the idea of the american dream and the vision of a small american town. Klein describes how one of the major problems caused by lifestyle branding is that it is weakening our democracy (Klein). The reason it is causing this is because there is not many places we can go to now where we are not surrounded by brands and do not have to look each other as consumers but as regular citizens. One of the other ideas brought up by Klein is the idea of the ‘superbrand’. The super brand is when a company is tries to outstretch its…show more content…
In the video, Klein describes how companies always try to outstretch their boundaries and say they are not just a music company, but a clothing company, and not just a clothing company but a airplane company (Klein). At the end of the commercial it shows repeated images of the different products it sells including Tide, Pampers, Gillette, and Duracell. I believe that if Klein saw this commercial she would state that P&G is one company that is also trying to outstretch its boundaries and trying to show its audience that they have products that you can use repeatedly in your everyday life. Duracell is a battery company that powers everything from watches to medical devices used in hospitals. Tide is one of the nations most popular clothing washing products. Pampers is the nations leading baby diaper dispenser. P&G is showing that they are a company that helps us throughout our entire lives from the moment when we are born to the time when we are about to go to
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