A Rhetorical Analysis Of President Monroe's Speech

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President Monroe began by thanking the people for putting their trust in him, saying that he was anxious but ready to face the difficulty of his duties, just as his predecessors did before him. He then talked about the flourishment of the United States even in the face of difficulty, the superiority of the Government and it’s reflection of the people’s desires and the protection of their rights, and the many blessing present in the country, such as rivers and fertile soil. Monroe chalked the success of the United States up to the people, saying that if the country remained in the state it was in, it would be safe. President Monroe expressed his belief that the promotion of intelligence among the people was the best way to preserve the country.
Monroe then began speaking about protecting the nation from outside forces, saying that if we did not prepare for invasion, if and when it happened, the nation would be destroyed and the people’s
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Monroe found it gratifying to be elected President in such a time of peace and unity among the people; a state that he intended to promote throughout his time in office. He encouraged the people to continue on their path, which would hopefully lead to more success as a nation. President Monroe then ended his speech by thanking his predecessors for their examples and asking God to continue providing His protection over the country.
I think that President Monroe did a very good job with his address, because it captured the feeling of national pride that was thriving at that time. He built up the people and gained their trust by promising to do his all to keep the peace during his Presidency. A quote that I believe properly sums up President Monroe’s address is this: “Peace is the best time for improvement and preparation of every kind. .
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